Hey boss, you might have noticed. That I’ve done quite a few videos recently on income streams on my business. How to grow your business, how to create the cash flow you built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., passive income. All of the topics that you seem to enjoy.

 But I realized. That I haven’t really ever done a breakdown of how. I have gotten to the place that. I’m in my business. So if you saw the title of this article You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., it’s the four income streams. Yes. Just four income streams that have allowed me to generate 250,000 plus a month in my business. So generating multiple six figure months. And I wanted to basically use this video as a behind the scenes of how. I did this from start to finish.

You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month.

You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month.

How did I grow my business? Where did I start from? How long did this all take? And answer a lot of the questions that I’ve been getting recently about this topic. Because I know a lot of you right now are interested in starting your own business. Or if you have an online business. You ‘retrying to figure out how do you streamline. it and make it easier to operate and scale, most importantly.

So I feel like I have kind of been through it all. When it comes to building businesses. I built several types of businesses over the years. And I can honestly tell you. I have never had a more profitable or easy businesses I do right now. And more than anything, we’ve never had the level of impact that we have now on our client results.

Every single day are so inspiring. And that for me is true proof that you built business that is built to last. Is the legacy that you’re creating by the results you have for your clients. So I’m super excited to dive into how I built these four revenue streams You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., how you can build them. The process of how to do it and exactly. What they are and how you can start implementing them for yourself. So if you’re excited, make sure you hit that like button.


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 So before I dive into these revenue streams. Which I’m going to kind of break into passive revenue streams and then active revenue streams. Because I do have both. What I wanted to mention right off the baits. That I am a big advocate for cash flow. And I believe that having cash flow and runway in your business. If you don’t know what I mean by runaway. Make sure you watch this video on financial freedom. And how I created financial freedom.

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 But runaway basically means it gives you breathing room in your business and in your life. So that let’s say the world stops and your business can’t run or you can’t generate any income. You at least have three, six, nine, 12 months in cash. That you’re able to use to support the business. And sustain your monthly expenses without having to let anybody go. So I’m a big believer in having high profit margins. High cash flow in your business and keeping your business extremely lean. Now, I also made another video, not too long ago. That you loved and it was called once I figured this out, I became a millionaire.

You can check that out here. We’ll link to it in the comments below as well. But before I dive into the revenue stream. That video has a lot to do with what I’m about to talk about today. Because I have had so many different business models. And I have had so many different income streams over the years. I have done one on one work. I have been a consultant and have been a manager. I’ve had a done for you model. I have legit tried it all.

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 So I can speak from experience that true success really does come from simplification. And subtraction and focusing on one thing. So you’re going to see as I go through my four revenue streams. Just how simple they are and why it’s so important to keep the main thing. The main thing and focus on one core piece that’s bringing in the majority of the income. While the other pieces are really just working for you. So those were a couple of things. That I just wanted to mention right off the bat. Because that’s truly the theory behind how. I’ve been able to generate multiple six-figure months consistently for a very long time now.

And I really started my business. I started as an entrepreneur 10 years ago, but I started this iteration of my business three years ago. So this is not a get rich quick video. And I promise you, I’m getting through tithe revenue streams in just a second. So you guys can understand what they are, but you need to understand the context first. And I didn’t want this to be like, “Oh, you can do this overnight. It’s going to be so easy, et cetera.” Because it does take a lot of work. It takes a lot of groundwork.

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However, in the grand scheme of things. Once figured out these four revenue streams . it really took me three years to build it to this place. So three years ago, or three and a half years ago. Now I launched YouTube for Bosses, which is my beginner program, I guess. Then we also have the Authority Accelerator program, which truly officially launched just over a year ago now.

those are our two core programs in my business. That’s the crazy thing for me is that it’s taken three and a bit years to get to a place. Where we’re doing multiple six figures month in revenue. Before that I was struggling, I was trying to figure out what to sell. I was trying to figure out how to sell it, the best delivery method. I tried all these different models You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., as I mentioned, and it just got so complicated.

And I can tell you that. When I was offering more things like a done for you model, agency, consulting. Managing all of these things and working one on one with clients. I had so many different revenue streams, but I was making less money. Why? Because I wasn’t able to put all of my attention into the one thing. That’s truly going to grow the business.

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And so that’s when I switched my model to where we are today. Okay. So that kind of gives you the ground work and the ground rules or foundation of how I’ve been able to scale like this. And I can tell you, after working with so many big entrepreneurs, especially in the digital marketing space, the business model is surprisingly simple and the revenue streams are surprisingly simple. that’s why there’s just four. So let’s dive in. we’re going to start with passive income because this is obviously a super-hot buzzword. I’ve done a lot of videos on this, on my channel, and I do have passive income streams.

And they’re a wonderful, magical thing when they work. But as I always mentioned, they do take time for them to actually start working for you. So the first passive income stream is investment income. So I started investing into mutual funds about five years ago, now, five, six years ago now. When I was just sort of like getting my business really going and making extra income.

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And I had that income to be able to put into investments. So a lot of people are like, “I’m just going to throw my money into the stocks and boom You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., I’ll be rich.” I’m not that kind of person I’m actually surprisingly low risk when it comes to finances. I’m now getting more of a risk appetite, but like to really understand how something works before I kind of go balls to the wall on it. So with my investment income, I started investing just a little teeny tiny amount of money every week, long, long time ago. And I’ve slowly increased that. Now the beautiful thing about investment incomes it is truly passive income.

Your money makes money for you. Is it a wild and crazy amount? No, it’s not a wild and crazy amount because I’m in a low risk investment, but it’s still generating interest and compound interest. So every year my money is making money formed. So that’s my first passive income stream that have. And it is a really great way to have your money work for you without doing any extra work. However, my caveat for saying that is that don’t do it in a way where I’m investing into super high risk, anything really at this point, I’m dabbling in that now and I’m dipping my toe in because I’m at a place where I can.

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But I like to be very thoughtful and intentional, if you hadn’t noticed with everything that I do, whether it’s the content, the business or my money, I like to be intentional and I don’t do anything unless it’s backed by data and backed by information and feedback and research and studying how something works and how it’s actually going to work for me. And if I am going to do anything high risk, it’s going to be something that I’m invested in for the long-term, because if I do something high risk and all my money disappears and I panic and I didn’t have that money to lose, then that’s the worst feeling in the world.

So anything that I do that’s high risk moving forward, will be something that’s a very long-term investment. So am I an expert when it comes to this kind of stuff? Absolutely not. There’s a lot of great resources and channels on YouTube about this. But the one thing I will say from my own experiences I wouldn’t get into investment income and that kind of passive of income until you have some extra cash flow that you can use to put into it. Because that way you’re not going to be so stressed and so strapped, and you’re not going to be reducing your cash flow because cashflowtruly does equal peace of mind.

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Having security blanket, having cash flow in the bank, having runway allows you to make decisions from not a vulnerable place, but from a place of abundance. And it makes a lot of your life decisions and business decisions a lot easier because you know you have the means to do it. Making decisions from a place of being broker scarce or fearful is the best way to get into some serious financial trouble. So I do my very best after a lot of lessons to not do that. So that’s my first revenue stream out of the passive income streams, investment income. Now the second passive income stream, ironically, I also didn’t really start using this until about three and a half years ago, either.

So when I first started my YouTube channel, I didn’t even turn on monetization. And at that point there were no rules about having to have 1000 subscribers or 4,000 hours of watch time. You could be monetized from day one, but my thought process was I really just want people to get to know me and my content and see how good it is and not be distracted by ads. And because I had other ways to make an income, I wasn’t worried about AdSense.

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 However, today it blows my mind that on monthly basis, I’m making $7,000 a month from AdSense, which is so crazy. It’s a completely passive revenue stream formed, which is really, really cool. I mean, I’m making the videos and I’m trading my time, but as far as having to invest into it to make that money, I’m really not having to. It’s accumulating based on my videos, et cetera. Now, the thing that you can do with AdSense, which is really cool, is you can break it down and see which video topics are generating the most income for you.

And so if you’re trying to build up your passive income on your YouTube channel, that’s a great thing to do is take a look at your analytics and take a look at which videos are actually generating the most income for you inside of YouTube studio. So you just easily can check that out and whatever topics are generating the most income, you want to use those keywords in future videos and leverage those keywords to create real authority in the algorithm and generate more of that AdSense revenue.

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 Now the third piece and the third revenue stream is actually the revenue stream that I originally started with when I was trying to diversify my income and trying to not have all my eggs in one basket. And I’ll talk about that more in just a second, but affiliate income really is the easiest way to start generating income. Even if it’s like $50 a month or $100 a month, it’s still revenue that you’re able to make without actually having to create something for yourself.

So affiliate income means that I’m promoting products and services that I believe in, and that are totally aligned with my brand and my content, et cetera. And every time I promote these things and someone actually buys because of me, I get a cut of that sale. And so at this point it’s generating about$3,200 a month, just completely passive income by promoting other people’s products and services. I didn’t have to make them. And the real beauty of this is that you don’t have to deal with all of the pillars that create an online business.

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 if you want to know how I started my business for less than $100 and all the pillars behind a successful online business. Make sure you check out this video, again we will link to it in the description below, but it’s how I bought my business with less than $100. So when you’re getting started and with affiliate income, I didn’t have to build a program. I didn’t have to do anything to generate that passive income. I’m solely relying on products and services that I know work because I’ve tried them myself and they’re products that are aligned with who I am and what I do and what I talk about.

Therefore, my audience is super interested. Therefore, I get a lot of sales through it. And so it’s generating and accumulating passive income for me on a monthly basis. Now I say affiliate slash/brand because there’s also brand deals that I’ll do. And they’re on a consistent ongoing basis, whether that is podcast sponsorships or it’s things like video sponsorships, which I don’t do a lot of, but I have done in the past.

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Or just ongoing relationships with brands that I believe in where I’ll do a couple Integra stories a month or I’ll do a couple of Instagramposts a month. yes, I’m having to do posts, it’s not entirely passive, but it is this consistent contract that I’ve set up with products Alike and with products that I would promote naturally and organically anyways, and now I’m just being able to make some revenue and increase my revenue streams from doing so.

You are pretty gun shy about working with a lot of brands because I think it dilutes my credibility if I’m trying to promote everything and everyone. So I really only pick things that I use, that I’ve tried You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., that I’ve tested and that I know work for me and for my clients before I overshare it with anybody else. And I think that’s the golden rule when it comes to affiliate income. You really have to build trust just like you would with a product that you create for yourself. It has to be good in order for people to buy it.

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 I want you to know too and take away from this video and let me know in the comments, if this is what you’re getting from this video that I didn’t build this overnight. And anybody who says that they do build a multimillion-dollar business overnight, it’s. It takes time. It takes a lot of testing. takes a lot of optimization iteration, all of these things in order to actually build a business that is consistent in revenue month, over month and consistently growing.

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So the really amazing thing for me is that over the last three and a half years, we have consistently doubled our revenue every single year. And it’s based around a very simple concept. So my last revenue stream is an active revenue stream in terms that it has taken a whole lot of work for me to get here. And it’s continuing to take work and iterations in order to continue to grow and have the best possible client and customer experience we can. But that is the real pillar of how we’ve grown our business. And I’m going to show you something in a second that’s our online business flywheel, and it’s really how we’ve grown our business and how we help our clients grow their businesses as well. So the flywheel starts with your program or your course.

So, like I said, I had made a few courses before I made YouTube for Bosses, which if you’re a member comment below, I know there ‘slots of here. And before I made the Authority Accelerator You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., which again, if you’re a member comment below. those courses were good, but they weren’t great. I think it’s important to own that. And to say that to you, because it took time for me to really dial in my curriculum and to really dial in my system that we use and my signature methodology that we use in both programs .

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You started working on all the different platforms,et cetera, in order to get to this place. So I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years and it took me up until three and a half years ago to really dial in exactly how an online business works. That’s the really crazy part is that I really wasn’t working in the online space until then. I worked in it a year and a half prior to that on a couple other courses and things like that. just trying to navigate it and figure it out as I’m sure a lot of you are. And was so overwhelming that I made a lot of mistakes and I made a few different products and services that were good, like I said, and they still got people results, but I’m constantly out of quest to make the best production the market.

I truly believe that’s why we’ve been able to scale so fast in these last three and a half years is because I’ve always focused on our programs being the best they can be and creating the best client transformation. So a flywheel, and if you don’t know the concept of a flywheel, it’s very common in business. And basically what it means is it’s a engine really that takes momentum to get started. So you got to push and make it work in order to get started. But once it starts turning and once it starts moving, it creates this really good upward momentum. So it starts with your course or your program offering that is at the top of the flywheel. In order for people to actually enroll in your course or your program, it has to be good.

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So your course is the core of your online business. And then you get people to enroll. So that’s the sales process and fine tuning that then once people enroll, you better deliver them a transformation because that’s what people pay for. They aren’t paying for information they You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month. ‘repaying for transformation. And then the final piece of it is once you create true customer transformation, those customers and clients are your ambassadors and they then sell your programs for you. So today we have well over 8,000 people in our online programs around the world. so many of our clients are referral based because our program works, period end of story.

that is truly the very simple model. And it took me a long time to get to a place where I realized that was really the core four things that I needed to grow my online education and online course business. so now that’s what we teach our clients. I can honestly say that I’m now fine-tuned and dialed in my process so well for how I grow online course businesses that I wish had this information when I was getting started. But it took me being the tactician and doing this work and failing and trying and testing and iterating in order to create a revenue stream now that generates the majority of our income.

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So we’re doing $250,000 a month generally plus consistently around $250,000 a month. But it’s growing month by month, which is really amazing just from our online courses. So that’s why I’m saying that’s where the bulk of our income comes from. And that’s where the majority of my focus comes from as well, which is why it’s an active revenue stream for me. yes, my courses sell every single day and people enroll every single day, but I’m still working on the programs and working with the clients on a daily basis. it’s still active and we’re constantly figuring out new ways to make it the best experience for our customers and our clients and get the best testimonials and results and social proof. that’s why it’s my main focus.

For me, it’s about doing less, always doing less. And I really do believe true success comes from subtraction. It does not come from addition. So those are my four core revenue streams. And if you are really serious about building an online education business You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., I have a training and it’s called the Evergreen Sales Machine training. And you definitely want to check it out because it breaks down the very simple process that I have now dialed in after doing all this for a long time now. In order to build your online education business or your online course business from scratch.

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You don’t even need to have a course idea or a niche picked in order to go into this training and fully understand how you can create a very scalable program. And it means not trading your time for dollars. So that is the passive part of building anon line course and online program is that I’m able to impact a lot more people. And that is the core principle of how we work with people, particularly inside of our Authority Accelerator program.

So our whole principle and thought processes increase your cash flow, increase your confidence in your offer and get amazing client results. And the best way to do that is to be able to create a program that’s highly scalable, that a bunch of people can enroll in at once at scale, meaning that you’re not going to be completely burnt out by having 100 people in your program. And it’s going to feel very easy, the model that we create in order for you to have 100 people, 200 people, 500, 1,000, 8000 people in your programs, and then them still get results without completely relying on you and your time.

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So I call it an active revenue stream because it still takes work. And I will not lie about that. It still takes work every day. We have a team behind us and yes, our profit margins are really good You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., but do keep in mind that we have a team. We have expenses, we do run ads at this pointing my business, my whole business is built completely organically. And then once I had cash flow again, that’s the importance of cash flow. I was able to take that cash flow and reinvest it into advertising, which helped us scale even faster and reach even more people and create an even bigger impact.

 So let me know if that all made sense in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear what your feedback and thoughts are on this. And I also wanted to address the fact that yes, I started my business really from YouTube. My online business started from YouTube prior to that, I was a consultant and I worked with clients in Vancouver where I live and it was more of an offline business. But now my business is completely run online and yes, I started with YouTube, but the methodology that we teach our students and our clients is that you actually don’t even need a YouTube channel to start generating clients. We’ve got clients get to 10k months without YouTube at all. And some of our clients in the Authority Accelerator are at 100k plus months, completely organically.

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So you don’t need a YouTube channel. You don’t need views or subscribers to start generating clients in your business. I was actually thinking about creating a video, all about the things that I do every week off of YouTube to generate clients. If you guys want to know more about tha You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month.

And remember that it takes time to accumulate and create that compound interest, et cetera. So you have to look at everything as a long-term play. That’s really the only way to truly achieve that financial freedom is to not be so stressed and so worried about your money, that you can’t enjoy the ride and see your money, make money for you. So everything I do is more of a long-term play, everything I just shared with you has taken me over the last three and a half years to build which doesn’t seem long in the grand scheme of things at all. And I wanted to kind of give you the window into how it all happened. I made mistakes. I made programs that were good.

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I made programs that were great. I now have programs that I am stoked on and constantly iterating. have failed. have tested, have done all the things in between, and I can honestly tell you these four revenue streams are really all I need to be at a place where I am truly financially free You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month., which is really amazing to say, I’m so grateful to say that, but it’s been a journey to get here and I’ve come a long way in the last couple of years. So wherever you are on your journey, let me know in the comments what your big takeaway was from today’s video and what you’re going to start implementing for yourself.

And I want to say focus on your strengths. So if one of these revenue streams sounds really interesting to you, make sure that it appeals to you and actually pleased your strengths and test and play around and take action, because it’s the only way to figure out if something’s going to work for you or if it’s what you really want to do. Take action towards creating revenue streams. And that’s how you’re going to actually buildup that long-term wealth and that long-term financial freedom and use the things that work best for you as an individual. So if you like being on video, YouTube Isa great option. And AdSense is a great way to start generating passive income.

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 If you’re more of a writer, maybe start blog, You built 4 income streams that generate over $25000 per month. you can also generate passive income from ads using blogging as a platform as well. So play to your strengths, reduce the friction, reduce the pain and growing your financial freedom by using things that are easy to you that come easily to you.

I feel like I’ve said this a couple of times in this video, but I did want to say that this did take time for me. To be my own boss took time, and it really does for anybody, but if you’re very intentional about it and you can learn from people like me, who literally has done it all and understand that subtraction is the key to success and doing less is the key to success, you’re going to grow probably way faster than I did, which is awesome.

And I hope that happens for you. So I hope this was helpful for you guys. I did do a training recently on my channel. You can check that out. It’s how to start your online business. And then I also did a recent video on how to start your work from home business, right here.

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