How Will You Earn Money From Google ads

How Will You Earn Money From Google ads

What is Google Ads?

What is Google Ads? Google Ads, is Google’s advertising program where advertisers enter certain keywords so that their ad clicks appear on Google search results. This infographic will help you understand how Google ads work, define Google ads auction, bidding process and explain important factors such as quality and cost per click. If you ask “How does AdWords work?” This page is yours.

How Do Google Ads Work?

Get the voice of Morpheus from the Matrix…“What if I told you that billions of auctions happen every day? But not the kind of auction when people stand up and announce their presentation on stage. No, these auctions are invisible and happen automatically, in secret. Still, billions of dollars are still coming from thousands of different ways. ”Yes. These are Google auctions. Google ads block the online advertising space that is sold and sold by Google.

Google ads, formerly known as Google Ads, are online ads based in part on keywords. Keywords are searchable terms or search terms related to business products or services.

 How Will You Earn Money?

AdWords campaign. Google Ads. Show Network. Search Network. AdSense.Does it make sense? Probably not. These words are not divisive and they all sound like they are coming together.And they do so in a sense, but that doesn’t help answer the frequently asked question, “How do Google ads work?”You’ve probably heard all of these terms before. When you first hear these words, you may have read an article or two about it. You could also try launching your own and run a Google Ads campaign.

Don’t regret it if you don’t “get it” yet. It’s a confusing topic. That’s because Google is so big and has so many different ways to make money.But he is willing to have it all. You have heard the success stories.All you need is for someone to explain to you in simple English how all the pieces fit together.All the principles I mentioned in the first sentence all come together in one point:

  • Making money on Google.
  • Making business separate from website publishers is money.
  • Provide online users with the best online information.

Maximizing Income

Whether you want to make money with a blog or website you already have, or want to create a blog for AdSense monetization, there are several ways you can increase your revenue:Use search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize keywords in your content.Write more. The more you write about your topic, the more Google keywords you will search for and serve ads.

More content is everything, and better updates.

Post useful, accurate content. When you send garbage full of keywords, it’s hard to read and you don’t return people. You want your site to stick, so we’re building traffic.Find a niche. Talking about football is good, but thousands of people do. A less popular topic like a collection of movie soundtrack is another story.Don’t create too bad traffic. It’s easier than you might think to create a lot of traffic, but if it doesn’t fit, and people aren’t there to read your content, it will be light in the pan. It also affects your CTR.

Competitor Ads

One of the biggest problems you face when you start advertising ads on your site is competition. Depending on the type of site you are using, you may find that ads are starting to populate that are in direct conflict with what you are selling or offering. For example, if you have a site dedicated to disposing of posting a particular product, perhaps Disney toys or glaciers, you may suddenly see ads for those products directing visitors away from your site. This is not good for business.Google expects this problem and allows you to block content from up to 500 different URLs.However, it is a little tricky to know who to block until you start seeing those ads appear. Worse yet, you will never see those ads because of the way AdSense feeds you content.

Also, as an AdSense user, you cannot click on these links directly to see where ads are being directed. It’s a clear violation of AdSense usage rules, but you can right click on the ad if you’re lucky enough to see it and find a link or URL that you can block. This goes by a little luck.

Probably the best way to make a list is to search Google for the types of products or services you sell, and note the top 50 URLs that appear. That is a great way to block ad traffic from sites that are clearly competing with you.


You may no longer see the ad ads. As an online community, we have learned to filter it. There is also software-filtering software available because banner ads can be very annoying, and that can damage the readability of your website. However, Google AdSense is different because ads are less disruptive than large banner ads, and the content is directly related to the web page, so it has a huge impact.

You may also be able to make healthy money with Google ads. With the right combination of traffic, content, and users, you can make thousands of dollars every month. You can’t expect to throw Google ads on your site, sit down, relax, and watch revenue collection. It doesn’t work that way. Like anything in a business, it takes your investment of time to get a return on your investment.

Use Google Analytics. Google gives you free tools to test your website for profit.

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