How Do I Get Started With Affiliate Marketing As Beginner
Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

How Do I Get Started With Affiliate Marketing As Beginner

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or you’re thinking about starting affiliate marketing and you’re not quite sure. where to begin you’ve heard of it but you really haven’t set in stone. which direction you want to go and the reason. I wanted to make this article why it’s so important because I see the same recurring themes over and over again. So let me kind of paint the picture and then i’ll give you my best advice to hopefully give you some clarity as to what direction you need to go if you’re just getting started and you want to have a profitable affiliate marketing business.

So first and foremost uh you know my name’s Brian. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2012. I’ve been in business for 20 years or I’ve been in marketing growing other people’s businesses and I want to get affiliate marketing. So I can grow something for myself. I’d like to keep something in line with my passion . I’m interested in you know health mountain biking um how can i take this interest and this passion and turn it to affiliate marketing business your advice is appreciated okay.

So that’s kind of what I see a lot and it could be anything it could be it doesn’t have to be mountain biking it should be any sort of interest could be tennis. It could be golf it could be whatever but the narrative is always the same hey I have some experience in business but not affiliate marketing and I want to take my passion and turn it into an affiliate marketing business and the answer is the same from my end and really what it comes down to is you have to ask yourself what you really want.

So for example let’s say you’re 50 years old and you know you’ve had some success in your career you have a little bit of money to invest in a business. But you definitely are still working full-time but you want to create a business that lets you get out of the right to get out of the job and so you’re thinking about affiliate marketing let’s say your thing is gone so what you have to ask yourself. What are your real intentions here okay what are you really really wanting to do here because if you want to go out there and you want to create a personal brand around golf by all means do it you’ll be able to find affiliate offers to throw in there to monetize.

You have to be honest with yourself do you really want to build a brand around golf or do you just want to make money with affiliate marketing um because if you just want to make money with affiliate marketing. That’s cool you’ll learn marketing and then you’ll be set for life right. Because once you learn digital marketing you’ll always have a demand. But you have to be honest with yourself because there’s no shame in just going out there and figuring out how to make money especially.

When you’re helping other people so why is that matter like what is going on here well so let’s say you’re gonna build a brand around golf like you’re gonna be the golf guy so you’re gonna have to build a brand from scratch that means, in the beginning, no one’s going to know you um you’re going to have to build up the trust you’re going to have to build up the name you have to build up the audience from scratch you’re going to have to grassroots it bootstrap it whatever and you’re going to have to get people excited to follow you because if your name is bob no one’s searching for bob’s golf right like no one is searching for bob’s golf so you’re going to have to market the crap out of yourself. 

So what that means is in the beginning there’s going to be limited income potential because if you just start trying to monetize that from day one people are gonna be like this guy’s just creating this brand to make money whereas you gotta be passionate about it you gotta be passionate about teaching people the game of golf right it could be anything fishing whatever it doesn’t matter and you’re gonna have to grow over time and it’s gonna take years and eventually you’re gonna have to probably create your own products.

You’re probably gonna have to create maybe your own membership group right you’re gonna have to keep adding things in there to sustain the profitability of this brand just because what’s going to happen here is you’re not going to grow to millions and millions of followers probably. But what you’re going to have is a very exciting core audience that you’re going to have to continuously find new offers for right you’re gonna have to get your customers to continuously spend more and more and more and it’s just not sim it’s simply not going to happen by adding more affiliate products in the golf arena or the fishing arena or the sewing arena right.

So you like like I said you’re gonna have to start creating your own products. Whereas on the flip side of that if you just want to make money um then the first thing I recommend that you do is don’t worry about your passions choose which arena you want to play in what I mean by that is basically three main arenas it’s either the health the wealth or the relationships right those are the three big niches that evergreen is just. So let’s say you want to be in the money niche you want to be in the wealth pitch okay cool look in the niche search on youtube look for facebook groups and figure out like who these leaders are like figure out like.

who’s making money in this niche and see like what products are they promoting and when you find somebody who’s a leader in the niche and they’re making money and it’s proven and they’re promoting a product with an affiliate program then that validates the program and then what you do is you sign up with that program you learn what program and you build the business around the program and the reason this is going to go faster is that.

when you do this you’re leveraging the trust and the buzz of the affiliate product that you’re you’re promoting so, for instance, I promote legendary marketer why because there’s a buzz so while no one’s searching for brian brewer’s entrepreneurial channel right or brian brewer’s affiliate marketing channel um they might be now but you get what I’m saying here they are searching for legendary marketer they are searching for high ticket affiliate marketing. Which legendary marketer teaches so I can get in front of those searches so I’m going to grow a lot faster uh plus the market buzz is going to help me sell it more because people are like I’m interested I just need an opinion they 

Search legendary marketer reviews and they find my youtube video and guess what i just made a commission right so that’s gonna go a lot faster now the cool thing here is if you do it ethically and you do it uh you choose products that you believe in and you choose products that can help people and you build your brand around educating and empowering people to make positive change in their lives by purchasing the products.

That you’re  promoting then in addition to monetizing from day one and growing faster because you’re leveraging the trust and the buzz of the product that you’re promoting you’re also going to build an audience that knows who likes you and trusts you and so therefore you know if you choose the arena right like I chose the money arena the wealth arena there’s always going to be subsequent products being released that I can add to my value stack to increase the lifetime value of my customers right

I hope that makes sense like I’ll link around this video like some other offers in my value-stack outside of legendary marketers so you can kind of see how they all relate and yeah I mean so that’s really what you have to do here like there’s obviously long-term potential in building the brand right bob’s golf channel or whatever or you know um but if you just want to be honest with yourself it’s like i just want to start making money with affiliate marketing so i quit my job and live in Costa Rica or whatever then choose the arena it doesn’t have to be wealth it can be health it can be fitness but you gotta go out there and you gotta find people.

who is making a lot of money promoting a product that has an affiliate program because you gotta leverage that program with the buzz so if someone’s making five million dollars with it or a million dollars a year with it then you can go in there and think okay cool I can make ten percent of that make a hundred thousand dollars a year no problem right?

So hopefully that makes sense hopefully that gives you some good solid foundation to work with so that you know like what do I really want and then you make the appropriate decision because there’s obviously value in building bob’s golf channel but it’s going to take years and there’s going to be I mean you’re going to have to create products and stuff like that whereas

If you just go kind of with the arena and the affiliate marketing you leverage hot products that you believe in because remember you have to do this ethically and honestly then guess what your brand will grow while you monetize you can grow while you earn and that’s the beauty of it so let me know if you have any questions comment below the article. Thanks

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